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just dropping a note to say hello - Memoirs Of A Foot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Memoirs of a Foot

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just dropping a note to say hello [Oct. 20th, 2006|06:01 pm]
Memoirs of a Foot


[music |Move Your Feet - Junior Senior]

I'm Kate, Katie, Katence or Cookie depending on whom your talking to. I'm pritty much a nerd, above all else, and i have a passion for history, writing, music and art of any kind. I dont have the nicest feet, they are big, awkward, oddly shapped, and are slowly but surely costing my parents a fortune in fixing them so i dont end up needing a hip replacement and knee reconstructions at 25.
I crave the fairytale kind of romace that happens in movies, with love letters, and true love's first kiss and unending passion. Unfortunatly... i've yet to find the secret to this, but if you've found it, i'll gladly hear it!

Im a crazy nut most often, and just an idiot all other hours of the day. Hopefully im fun, and i usually make people laugh, though it may be at me rather then with me...

[User Picture]From: falloutgurl666
2006-10-20 08:19 am (UTC)
who would laugh at you *giggles... with you*

and i love you current music.. :P
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